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Air Flow Polishing


Stain Removal


Our high-tech AirFlow stain removal system reveals a brighter, whiter smile

A jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles is blasted under high pressure at the surface of the teeth. It’s much more effective than a standard scale and polish and makes an amazing difference to most smiles. It cleans teeth thoroughly and removes surface staining, giving an instantly whiter smile.


Although this treatment is not a tooth whitening therapy, the air flow will significantly improve tooth brightness and give you a noticeable sparkling fresh healthy mouth in an instant.

Your Teeth will fantastically smooth and fresh after AIRFLOW polishing


What is Air flow polishing?


AirFlow polishing is a hygiene cleaning treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and fine powder to gently and effectively blast away stubborn stains and any plaque on your teeth, returning them to their natural whiteness. It can be compared to a mini jet wash of your teeth.

The tooth surface is not damaged during this cleaning procedure. This method is quick and painless allowing reaching and cleaning all those difficult to access areas such as the tight spaces in between the teeth. Your teeth will look and feel refreshingly clean. This is also an ideal method to remove any underlying stains or scale before having tooth whitening treatment.

This treatment does not include chemicals and poses no risk to patients. AirFlow is an advanced polishing treatment that allows you to walk away the same day with amazingly clean results.

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